ORBISTRIKER® - New innovative and addictive sparring device for boxers and other martial artists!

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ORBISTRIKER® exercise-sparring device

The prototype of the ORBISTRIKER® exercise-sparring device is unpredictable and very addictive sport machine. The arm reaches the head and middle body, giving straight and hook-like punches. The arm can also protect the target ball simulating the moving opponent. The intensity of the training is determined by the force and frequency of the punches feeding the energy harvester. Electrical accessories can also be used to control the ORBISTRIKER®.

The ORBISTRIKER® exercise-sparring device is tunable and adaptive for various users from beginners to more experienced fighters, and for everyone interested in exercise.


The business model of Vaakalintu Ltd is to focus on inventing and license/sell the IPR further for commercialization. With this concept, everybody wins. Customers can enjoy new exciting products, and collaborators create valuable success stories with less time and investments. Meanwhile, Vaakalintu Ltd can focus on developing even more inventions!

Help and share this story forward! The more people know about the inventions, the more collaborator candidates are reached and convinced. And maybe one day these inventions will see the day of light as commercial products.

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Consider also the extra business potential around the core device: accessory markets, other brand-related aftermarkets, official ORBISTRIKER® sporting events and competitions, and so on. The business around the ORBISTRIKER® also has its positive societal impact: general interest in exercise and sports go hand in hand with the health and well-being of the people!

In addition to the ORBISTRIKER® technology itself, the ORBISTRIKER® trademarks, web address, and social media are reserved for your business.

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